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The Steel Fireproof door

                 Steel Door made from 2 Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet thickness 1.0 mm. Weld together. The Door Set are surface by Zinc Phosphate Coating final coated with powder coating from the factory as well. Inside the Door Leaf are compressed firmly with Rockwool. Available in single, solid, double doors. Solid, single sash and double glass doors. Received the fire test results from Chulalongkorn. (BS476), 10B and 10C UL Compliant Fire Test
  • Three-hour fire-retardant test (SFD1)
  • Two-hour fire retardant test with mirror glass (SFD2)
  • Two-hour flame-retardant flame retardant test (SFD8)
  • Two-hour flame-retardant flame retardant test (SFD11)

Beautiful door / Ordinary steel door

                 Steel Door made from 2 Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet thickness 1.0 mm. And 1.6 mm. thick frame. Powder coating Coating factory standard. Suitable for different applications such as room, STAFF room, customer, door, gate, fence and the style of the door as well as the equipment. Wide range of customer needs.

                 Beautiful doors and Ordinary steel doors. The door is painted, the door is steel with PVC / lamination, laser pattern. The concept door is pretty safe, strong, durable anti-theft.

Roll Door / Fire Door

                 Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet is available in 3 types as follows.
  • Spring system and pull the hand
  • Chain hoist
  • Electric motor
                 Sliding Fire Retardant Door made from Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet 1.6 mm thickness. Door Knocker made of 1.6 mm thick steel. Sliding Fire Retardant Door, It will protect the fire in the desired area. To prevent fire spread to other parts easily. The function of the fire resistant door is as follows.
  • Operated by electric motor system.
  • Heat Detector Connected to the FIRE ALARM (Option)
  • Self-powered switch, Remote Control (Option)


TIS. Of Supa Rich.

ISO 9001:2008
Bulletproof Glass
UL Standards

Certificate 3 hour fire resistance
Fire resistance certificate of 3 hour steel door
Certificate of steel door with 2 hours of glass.
Bulletproof Door
Certificate of steel door fire resistance flat 2 hours.
Certificate of steel door flame resistance 2 hours.

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