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Beautiful steel door

Example of modern steel door work

Modern steel doors

      SPR door model MS1, MS2 made of sheet steel Electro Galvanizing There are both single and double doors. Prevent theft Resistant to tampering, not shrinking, not swollen, not twisting, not bending, resistant to corrosion And add beauty by modern design, outstanding and play the unique style with 304 stainless steel, mounted on the door
Product details
  • Door made of steel Electro-Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (1.0 mm. Thick), bonding 2 pieces together and playing the unique pattern with 304 stainless steel attached to the door.
  • Inside the bush with PU foam insulation (POLYURETHANE FOAM) to assist in sound and heat insulation
  • Hinge attachment area, reinforced with 2.3 mm thick steel and the area where the device is installed Reinforced with 1.6 mm thick steel sheet
  • Steel frame Electro Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (1.6 mm. Thick) at 3 sides of the cushioning rubber frame (no geometries)
  • Stainless steel hinge, size 5 "x 4" x 3 "mm.
  • Steel door set through Zinc Phosphate Coating rust-proof coating
  • Powder coated powder coated finish from the factory. There are 3 colors, black, white, green.